I’ve finally figured out how other males make hooded jackets seem so attractive to girls but I fail miserably… How do these testosterone fueled  with the same red jacket (from E.T.) as me manage to have several girls falling at their feet while I only have one because I tripped her?

After 17 minutes of research I had nearly given up. At first I presumed it was as simple as zip-up or un-zipped but after a couple trials I realized that they both have their own individual perks but when I rolled up my sleeves to wash my hands (which is what you should do after every experiment) I discovered that it is rolled-up sleeves that can make any person wearing a hooded jacket immensely more attractive! IT IS! ISN’T IT? Could it be that the bare arms of a male is a visual aphrodisiac to those attracted to men?

Can someone else please confirm so I can spread the word to others who are currently committing the fashion error I have been for the past seven years!

Self-deprecation since I found out you could do it.

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